The robbery

Our school was constantly being robbed. The days we got to school in the morning and there had been a robbery were very exciting. Mostly because classes would start late and we could just stay in the yard running around and telling each other gossip. 
“I heard they smashed a window!”
“I heard they stole all the coloring pencils!”
“I heard they drank all the milk!”
That day the boys ganged up and where coming to each girl and saying “Have you heard, they wrote on the wall “WE WILL KILL YOU, TERESA” or  ANA or FÁTIMA, whichever the girl’s name was. I did not believe this, of course, but weaker more sensitive girls like Elizabete and Clara were hugging each other and crying.
When we got inside it turned out someone had in fact written something on the classroom’s blackboard. A white curtain was covering it and the teacher told us they had to keep it this way until the police came to dust it for fingerprints. This was the last straw that broke Elizabete who began wailing in a panic cry and was sent to the infirmary with Clara by her side.
But the rest of the class sizzled in excitement. “How do they dust for fingerprints? Can we help the detectives? Are there suspects?”
We also asked the teacher if the robbers wrote on the black board that they were going to kill us. and she opened her eyes very wide and said: “What? No! God no. You are all safe, don’t worry. “
But she never told us what they wrote.
For the rest of the school day we should be paying attention to Ms Joanina, but instead stared at the big white curtain behind her, trying to take a glimpse of the blackboard whenever the wind waved it slightly. 

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