7 Years Old

Don’t you dare give her a Nancy, or a Cindy
or anything off-brand.
It must be a Barbie.
She knows the difference.

She likes the Spice Girls.
She is Victoria.

She draws on Microsoft Paint.
and prints everything in black and white.
She is not allowed to print in colors

She is left-handed
She doesn’t need glasses.
She fell from her bike,
Made a scar on her knee.

Her most common
spelling mistake
Is writing 3 instead of E.
She thinks 3 is just like an E
But it’s looking backwards.

She’s forbidden from using ink correctors,
erasable pens,
and x-knifes.

She screams GOOOOOOOOL.  
She says thank you and good morning.
She whispers I’m sorry.

She’ll save it in a pocket for later.
She’ll forget it.
Ants will find it.

She moved from an apartment,
to a big house.
At night, she is scared
of the bathroom corridor.

People ask her
whom she likes the most:
Her mum or her dad?
She lies.

When she grows up,
She will be rich.
and live by the sea.
She will use an x knife
And print in colors, and drive a car.

How much does a car cost?
About 6000 euros
How much is that in Barbies?